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Local organizations in the US and Japan collaborate to provide support.

J-GoodTech Biz Match 2018

Opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to discover overseas entry points

Structures for strengthening economic ties that are spreading worldwide are bringing a wave of significant change and likely to impact company business environments. Successive changes are developing that not only include reducing and removing obstacles to service trade and tariffs, but also creating new rules in competition policy, protection of intellectual property, human mobility, and investment.

Against this backdrop, Japanese companies are showing interest in the state of Texas, which has excellent infrastructure and manpower in addition to a variety of tax breaks. Texas is being chosen by many Japanese-affiliated companies as a base for business in North America.

J-GoodTech Biz Match (BM) 2018 is a project offering opportunities to match American companies interested in Japanese companies to Japanese companies interested in Texas companies.

Support is provided through a website and missions to the US by Japanese companies for negotiations.

Collaboration between Richardson COC, WACA, and the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN (SME Support, JAPAN)

SME Support, JAPAN, which conducts activities to support small and medium-sized companies in Japan, is collaborating with the organizations of Richardson Chamber of Commerce (*1), World Affairs Council of Austin (*2) to help match small and medium-sized companies in the US with Japanese companies. The 2 main support programs will be assistance with matching through the website and missions to the US by Japanese companies for business discussions.

Support for matching companies will be provided via the website by translating and publishing information in each language on American and Japanese companies interested in expanding overseas, and promoting matching through collaboration among experts from each organization. In addition, missions visiting the US for business discussions will take approximately 20 small and medium-sized Japanese companies to the US.

Japanese Companies Special Site

Japanese companies that has joined this program and wish to have business matching with US companies are listed for your business expansion. You can set conditions for search and browse the details of Japanese companies.
If you wish to receive assistance to be matched, please contact BM2018 Office.

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Latest Report of Japanese Industries

Japanese government has set up a new vision, Society5.0, in which all the industries are united to strive to create a new society. This is an article to report to you Society5.0, without which you can not know the current situation of Japanese industries.

Japan, striving toward Society 5.0

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